DeviantART sucks

The DeviantART redesign is one of the worst
redesigns i've ever seen, Even worse than
YouTube Polymer, it's a buggy, slow, confusing
mess of a redesign.

Login to download

This is one of the worst "features" that DeviantArt ever made, you HAVE
to login or create a account just to download something, why?

It's not necessary to force people to create a account just for
downloads, it wasn't like this before, when you click download you
get the download. Most of your userbase are just accounts with
nothing that are ONLY used just for downloads, no actual creaters and stuff.

Forced redesign

As I said, the redesign SUCKS, DeviantART was using the same design for an
decade. If it works, don't fix it, But DeviantART along side the god awful forced login to download feature, it was forced!

Well before, DeviantArt gave you a option to disable the redesign but later
on, they REMOVED it. Forcing you to use it, if you like it or not. At least
reddit had some sense about putting their old design in old.reddit.com, you
can even make it the main layout of the website.

Article Created on: May 26, 2021
Updated on: May 26, 2021