Why Firefox Proton is SHIT

Somewhere in Febuary 2021, Firefox has put
a new Proton redesign in the nightly builds
of Firefox. In this article, i'm going to be
ranting on why the Firefox Proton redesign
is absolute SHIT.


The tabs looks like crap, it's unnecessary big enough and takes alot of
web content. Large and rounded tabs are not necessary and it looks ugly
as fuck. It doesn't even look like proper tabs, they're not attached to
the navigation bar. It's just floating pill shape buttons that are
way to big for my liking, and most likings.

"Padding for touch screens?

The spacing between everything, it's disgusting. Everything is so spread
out and so big, it's like it's made for a tablet, did Mozilla forget that
PCs and Macs exist? Most of them don't even have a touch screen.
Even if they made it for tablets or whatever, why? The buttons are big enough
that a finger can touch, why more padding to space them out?

Some of you may ask, "why are you complaining just use compact mode?".
Mozilla had the BALLS to remove Compact mode from the proton redesign
saying that it's "Unsupported", Unsupported my ASS you could have just
minimize the padding and make everything more smaller, but no! We're
stuck with the big as fuck UI that looks like it's made for a touch screen.


I recenetly heard that it is possible to disable
the shit redesign through a config in about:config,
thanks Mozilla for having a braincell.

Article Created on: May 3, 2021
Updated on: May 3, 2021