Windows 10 is a dumpster

Windows 10 is a absolute dumpster in fire.
It's a absolute resource hogger, it's spyware
and looks terrible, There is some ways to make
Windows 10 a bit more tollerable.

What Consistency?

Windows 10's design is such a mess, it's apart of a landfill.
Including the absolute mess of DLL files all over Windows, you got
Fluent Design icons, Old Windows 10 Icons (Pre-2004), Windows 7 icons
The semi-rare Windows XP icons, and the anchient Windows 95 icons.

Where is the consistency? The monkeys at Microsoft could have took
the time and create a new icon for all the dll's with all of the old
icons, but no! Instead, just leave them be while we create new icons
to make it more of a mess!

A eyesore of a UI

Windows 10 UI is bland as the Nintendo Switch UI, it's ugly and flat
as hell. Light Mode is so blinding, it's not even a good implmenation
of light mode, it's just #FFFFF all over the place, it's a mess.
Dark mode is even worse, It's way to dark and is mostly just pitch
black, Alot of parts of Windows still uses light mode, creating the worse
theme ever with Dark Mode/Light Mode.

How does this not hurt your eyes?

Who needs Privacy?

Ever since Windows 8, Microsoft decided to amp up on the data collecting,
Microsoft does so much data collecting, you probally have to give out
everything about you to Microsoft, and you can't even disable some of
of the data collecting, like Telemetry. Alot of Windows 10's "features"
requires some kind of data collecting, there's no privacy using Windows 10.
Something simple as Bitlocker on Windows 10, it sells your fucking data.

And it's not just Microsoft collecting data, other companies even do this same bullshit, You don't have privacy in the internet.


So apparently microsoft is starting to ditch
the old Windows 10, 7, XP, and 95-era icons
from Windows 10, it really took tham THAT
long to change fucking icons, nice.

Article Created on: May 3, 2021
Updated on: May 6, 2021