Gnome 3 and KDE 4/5 Sucks

May 8, 2021

Gnome 3 and KDE Plasma is trash, every setup I see with one of them looks so ugly and blinds my eyes. Gnome and KDE had lost their way of making an actual good Desktop environment.

Space Heater

They require NASA Computers for them to not run like shit. A desktop environment should not take that many system resources. Don't even get me started with the start-up times, Plasma takes your entire lifetime just to start up, I need to use the system NOW.


Every GNOME/KDE setup I see is so ugly, I wish I can bleach my eyes. With KDE setups, a lot of times, there's so much blur on the setup it's disgusting, and icons most of the time look like clipart taken from Google Docs.

GNOME also sucks, it's pretty much the same as KDE but with 10x the padding, why is everything so spaced out? Same thing with Windows 10, It's like it's designed for tablets, not Desktops. At least Windows 10 had a tablet mode, but GNOME doesn't have any of that, you're stuck with the massive buttons and padding unless you make a custom theme.

endromeda (c)