A first look at Windows 11

We're going to take a first look at Microsoft's
recently leaked Operating System, Windows 11.
Which, I took a test drive on a VM. It sucks,

Computers aren't tablets

As I said in the article relating to Windows 10,
computers are not mobile devices. Windows 11 is literally the failed
project named "Windows 10x". Microsoft has completely forgotten that
computers exist and that everybody is using mobile devices. Did they even
consider desktops and laptops? Not everything has to be a touch screen.

Microsoft is doing the EXACT same thing as they did with Windows 8, making
it designed only for tablets in mind, on Windows 10 sure they changed SOME
differences to make it fit with desktops more, but the padding and all still
made it feel that it's for tablets or mobile devices only.

Ugly Design

The new "look" of Windows 11 sucks, Microsoft is trying hard to copy Apple
with macOS, even with checkboxes. Microsoft is trying to round everything,
the same exact thing that Apple is doing. The round windows are UGLY, at
least Apple implemented it right 20 YEARS AGO. It looks so unfinished,
while I do that it's a leaked beta, but at least make the window corners antialiased?

Don't get me started on the taskbar, Microsoft was a dick enough to REMOVE
the option to make the taskbar small, or change the position. It's only
one size, one position. And what's with the centered icons? It doesn't
feel right going to the bottom to access the start menu, but at least
Microsoft was KIND enough to give an option to put it on the left.

As of today (May 16, 2021), Open-Shell is completely broken, so you're
stuck with the god-awful start menu that is hard to navigate.
Microsoft fucked up the taskbar so much that current solutions does not
work yet with it, we all have to wait until the programs get updated.