Maining macOS: One Month Later....

September 23, 2021

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As of September 23, it has been over 40 days since i've installed macOS on my main system, and been using macOS as a daily driver. This is my thoughts on macOS after maining it for well over a month.

Software Support

Support of macOS is eh.... though most of the stuff that I use on Windows on a daily basis are on macOS. But one program I used alot that ISN'T on macOS was paint.NET, and obviously no plans for macOS support.

Quote from FAQ:

(1) Will it ever be ported to Mac OS, Linux, or any other operating system?

(2) What about Mono support? Wouldn't that be really easy?

We will not be doing any work to directly support Mac OS, Linux, Mono, or any other platform. We are doing this in order to focus on the best quality and support for the platform that we develop on: Windows with .NET. Also, we simply do not have the resources or expertise to do any of this work.

So for better or worse, I have to learn how to use GIMP, which is not going well...

But aside for that, I can do almost everything I need to do on macOS.


macOS' appearance in my humble opinion looks really nice. It's alot better than what Windows 10 has. And not to mention how consistent the UI is on macOS. Though one flaw is that you really cannot customize the Appearance much, which is dissapointing.

Relearning everything

I had to relearn almost everything on macOS since it's quite different from Windows. I had to relearn keyboard shortcuts, how the system worked, and how you do things.

macOS felt quite foreign to me, but after some time I got used to it. One of the annoying things is that instead of copying by doing CTRL + C, I had to do ⌘ + C and ⌘ on my keyboard was the Windows key, which was very annoying. But the solution was to change around keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences.

Changing Modifier Keys

Issues with macOS

I don't really have any issues with macOS right now.... only issue is software compatibility.

But one slightly minor issue is with APFS. I don't like APFS, especially if you have a dualboot of two different macOS versions. For example, if you were to install Catalina and Big Sur as a dualboot, on Catalina you would see two partitions instead of one. Though that's a minor issue.

Final thoughts

So far, it's been smooth sailing with macOS. It's alot better than Windows and won't plan on changing Operating Systems.

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