Hackintosh Log #2

September 5, 2021

Hi again, this is the second log of my Hackintosh. This will be a shorter thread though, as I've done not a lot.


I was thinking of installing Big Sur and Catalina to another drive, so I did. Everything was fine but, when you boot to Mojave you would get this pop-up.

Notification on Mojave after installing Catalina & Big Sur

Saddly, I had to erase Catalina and Big Sur to remove the issue.


For a while I was thinking to upgrade Mojave to Catalina or Big Sur, as macOS Mojave was going to eventually lose support. And want to get features newer versions of macOS has.

But was risky to do since it *may* break things on Mojave. But decided to take the risk with absolutely NO Time Machine backups or any backups.

Upgrading macOS Mojave to Catalina

After staring at the progress bar for 30 minutes, the upgrade was successful. And even better, pretty much nothing broke from the upgrade. Which to my surprise it actually worked, after some time I was on the Setup Assistant. I completed the setup and was glad to see the macOS Mojave wallpaper and desktop.

About my Mac, now with Catalina!

Fixing issues

One of the issues i've had with OpenCore was getting an error every time at boot.

00:000 00:000 OC: Failed to drop ACPI 54445353 0074734930757043 0 (1) - Not Found

Which would have made a LOT of text files. But was able to fix it by disabling Delete Cpu0Ist and Delete CpuPm.

Unfortunately, I'm still not able to get WIFI working with the card I'm using. Though, I might buy another card that will work with macOS.

Current macOS Catalina setup.


So far, not lot has happened since the last Hackintosh log, though Ill try my best to make another log with more things I've done with the Hackintosh.

endromeda (c)