Hackintosh Log #4

September 14, 2021

Literally the only idea for endromeda posts that aren't fucking shit is Hackintosh logs, but why not.

OpenCore 0.7.3

When OpenCore 0.7.3 released, I immediately went and update OpenCore, along with kexts.

It was successful, to my surprise. But there was a issue, there was a weird graphical glitch that flashes the screen white and goes back to normal. I've already had that glitch before on my first Hackintosh on a laptop.

On top of that, audio didn't even work. I don't think OpenCore was the issue, I believe it was WhateverGreen & AppleALC that may caused these 2 issues. But i've backed up my EFI folder before updating, so I downgraded and still using 0.7.2.

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