10.1.2021 - Article Comments

At the bottom of every articles, there is a comment box now using Telegram Widgets.

Though, a caveat using Telegram is that you really can't customize it & you must have a Telegram account.

9.29.2021 - Links page is back...

The links page is back, after being replaced with the Posts page.

But now with an use, I had 88x31 buttons on the footer on every page, which didn't look good.

So, I brang back the links page with buttons for this website, and buttons from other websites.

Alongside that, I removed Null Webring and removed most of the 88x31 Buttons and moved them to the Links page, but added some new buttons on the footer.

9.21.2021 - Minor name change

As you may already notice, i've done the most minor name change.

I've changed the "E" from "Endromeda" to an "A"... SHOCKING!!! So it's now "Andromeda". Unfortunately, the name "Andromeda" is taken so I can't change the url :(.

9.10.2021 - Unlisted Articles

As you may already seen, I unlisted ALL articles except the "Ubuntu is horrible" article. Due to these main reasons:

  • Opinions changing
  • Terribly written
  • Most are non-argumented rants

So I unlist them, but they're not deleted... You're still able to access them if you have the link to them. And not to forget, I did some updates to the website. Most are minor though, like an icon for links. A slightly major update is that we now have a button! You can add it to your website if you want.

One last thing before I go, i've joined the Null Webring! But aside from that, that's all.

8.22.2021 - A new layout, again...

We have a new layout, again... We're now using vgui.css for the website layout.

8.2.2021 - what is this?

you may be wondering, what happend to the site. well, we just changed layouts!reason being the old layout had garbage css. and i want to change the look of the website, of course.

7.22.2021 - small updates

i haddn't done that much updates to this site as i did before. main reason
being i don't know what to add to this website, but i added some things to endromeda.

but, i added some minor updates. such updates are making the posts
page organized by month, less ugly article dates, and a viewer for

7.5.2021 - 10k views!!!

thank you to everybody who had viewed my page, because we just hit 10k views! along with this achivement, i've revamped the articles, contact and soon the about page. enjoy!

6.11.2021 - beta website

i have a beta website, where i try out new things and see if they should be on the main website, the beta page is at /beta/.
(endromeda beta is now gone.)

5.29.2021 - 5k views!

we have hit 5k views on endromeda! i'm very surprised that we even hit to 5k, thanks to people who actually viewed my website.

5.22.2021 - cleaner code & favicon

sup, in this entire website, i've been using several style tags, and the code looked like a MESS. now, most of the crap is on classes on a css file. and now there's FINALLY a favicon. most of the site has not been cleaned up, i've only done the home page, but the entire site will be much cleaner!

5.22.2021 - rss feed

it's been awhile since i've updated the website but, i've added a rss feed for articles, if you want to add the rss feed, the feed url will be in the articles page, have fun!

5.3.2021 - articles!!!

hello, hadden't update the site in a awhile, but i've decided to add a new part of the website, articles! no longer the links page,which was pointless is now replaced with something much more useful! artices is about anything, tech, food, anything. i'm planning to add an rss feed to endromeda to follow articles, but that will come another time. cya!

4.30.2021 - website finished!

hi, i am glad to say that the website is finished! of course, thid doesn't mean things will change, im planning to add more features will be added in the future.

4.29.2021 - site almost completed!

hey again, been working hard on this website as a person with no html and and little css knowledge it was kinda hard to do, but i'm getting the hang of it! alot more will come soon, trust me

4.29.2021 - website is up!

hi everybody, welcome to the new endromeda! this website is a wip and will change. stay tuned for more updates!