The OIC is a drama landfill

The OIC (Old Internet Community) is an kindergarten playground and 5 years old kids fighting around, but it's through harassment and doing. OIC is a hellhole powered by toxicity.

Old Roblox Community

The ORC (Old Roblox Community) is one of the worst offenders of the OIC, Doxxing happens so much, it's pretty much a normal thing in the ORC.

Most of the time, a ORC is made, then it goes all good untill a drama hapends, then it forever shuts down, the community of the ORC is like finding a kid on Xbox Live, without the kid being funny.

Old YouTube Community

This is the second-worst offender, the OYC (Old Youtube Community) can't seem to like each other, and is always fighting on which revival is the best.

Content on revivals is the worst thing ever, a lot of the time it's just reuploads of old videos from YouTube, what's the point? Nobody is gonna actually watch it and would just watch it on YouTube instead. Also, a lot of the content is also just shitty Windows Movie Maker videos trying to be hard at creating old-style videos, other editors exist in 2008 and 2007 (Looking at you BitView and Vidlii). There's almost no original content on revivals, and if they're, it's mostly won't be watched.

And a lot of these revivals are so poorly made, they're not even useable as a video platform, and some of these are just crap Yooco platforms or stolen source code.