Windows XP is Overrated

Windows XP is one of the ugliest and most overrated operating systems are known to man. And people who weren't even born when XP was released say that it's the "best OS" ever.

Ugly theme

Windows XP's "Luna" theme looks like absolute garbage. It's literally a Fisher-Price theme for an operating system. Classic Theme is a lot better doesn't hurt one's eyes. Without the dog ugly theme, it's essentially Windows 2000

The Fandom

The fandom for Windows XP (and Windows in general) is one of the dumbest communities that one would ever see. The fandom is consists of Children who weren't even born when XP was around, and having fake nostalgia for Windows XP, and also think that it's the best OS ever. When they've clearly only tried it in a Virtual Machine.

Windows Movie Player

Almost everybody that talks about Windows XP always mentions Windows Movie Maker. It's not even a good editor, then why everybody keeps talking about it? Sure most videos on YouTube at the time were MADE with Movie Maker but not everything during that time was made with Windows Movie Maker only.


Windows XP wasn't *the* best operating system that everybody keeps saying, using XP now is impossible without CVE exploits, people still use XP even after the End-Of-Life and all the CVE exploits.

Is really using an outdated Operating System from 20 years ago that has multiple security issues just to have nostalgia from a "simpler time"? Times changed, move on from XP.