Ubuntu is horrible

Ubuntu is a Linux Distro that has a terrible theme, so much bloat, and a resource hog to systems. Ubuntu is a fine starter distro, but there is much better Linux distros that are ALSO easy to use.


Snapd is a "Package Manager" if you can call it that. It's made by Canonical, the same jackasses that made Ubuntu. But instead of installing the program to the system, it's just a container with the program. Which can be an absolute mess if you have multiple Snap packages.

Snap Packages are larger than traditional APT packages, another package manager on Debian-based distros. Snap packages also tend to be slower to run, because they need to be mounted before running. Snap is also proprietary software. I recommend using alternate package managers, like Flatpak. Or I'll do one better use a traditional package manager.


Before Ubuntu 16.04, Canonical was tracking Ubuntu users and turning the information to Amazon. In other words, spyware. But ever since Ubuntu 16.04, the spyware has been disabled, good. Ubuntu also had "Amazon Search" as a default search function, also disabled in later versions of Ubuntu.

Default Desktop

Ubuntu when you boot it up for the first time looks ugly, so much orange and gray. It's even worse that it's GNOME. Hell, default GNOME looks way better than Ubuntu's Default.

It looks horrible, worse than any default DE that you would see in any other GNU/Linux distros. It stands out but in a bad way. Canonical really gotta make GNOME look like their own branding. Though, Unity and GNOME 2, former desktop environments look WAY better than their successors.


I've done enough ranting on Ubuntu and Canonical's bullshit. But is there anything else you can use? Of course, for a distro for starters, I recommend Manjaro, Fedora, and Debian. If you want a more minimal distro, Arch Linux is a pretty good distro for that. With an awesome package manager and tons of ArchWiki pages.

For Snapd I once again recommend using Flatpak or using any traditional package manager you can. Hell, you can also compile programs. For Arch Linux though, there is alot of AUR (Arch Linux Repository) packages for a ton of things.


The conclusion to this post is don't use Ubuntu. It's bloated, spyware, it's outdated, etc. And don't even touch container package managers either.