Modern Web is a bloated mess

The birth of the web was a basic one, simple text documents and gifs. Nowadays, the web is such a bloated mess, you can't have a single bit of privacy now.

Pool of Javascript files

Why does every single website have a boatload off Javascript files? Javascript was a mistake from the start, PHP is arguably alot better than JS. You don't need JS to make a good website. Most of the websites of JS are bad anyways, they take up resources and take forever to load.

Even though Javascript does have a few benefits, most websites use so much Javascript files it's unbelievable.

Advertisements and Pop-Ups

So many websites have a ton of Pop-Ups and Advertisements, so much that something simple as scrolling the website could be choppy and laggy. You're better off filling the whole page with them and not see a single pixel of the actual content that you're looking for, and why the hell do you have to make an account just to view the website? To try and get more members on the site?

Sell all my information!

Do you seriously have any privacy on the modern internet, corporations like Facebook have millions of personal data, almost everything about them. Knowing that my personal information about me is being sold scares the shit out of me.

You do not have privacy, pretty much multiple corporations are watching what you're doing every second.