Hackintosh Log #1

Hello, welcome to my first log of my experience doing a Hackintosh. I've been using macOS Mojave for the past 20 days and learned alot about macOS and Hackintosh in general.

A brick wall

For awhile i've been wanting to do a Hackintosh on my main system. Though I hit a brick wall, my iGPU is a Intel HD 2500. Which is not supported on macOS.

"The HD 2500 on the other hand only has partial support in Mojave for quick sync features as hardware acceleration is unsupported so you will need a compatible dGPU for display purposes."

But it didn't stop me from doing a Hackintosh. I bought a used GT 630 from eBay, which is still supported on macOS (surprisingly). Now, I was able to start doing the Hackintosh.

More Problems

I was originally going to make a OpenCore EFI Folder. But when the installer of Mojave is finished, there was no option for "macOS Installer", which is needed to actually finish the installation.

I eventually gave up with it after tinkering and tweaking the EFI Folder to no avail, and used a premade one on GitHub. Which to my surprise it actually worked, after some time I was on the Setup Assistant. I completed the setup and was glad to see the macOS Mojave wallpaper and desktop.

Screenshot of About This Mac.
First Thoughts

After copying the EFI folder to the SSD and done tweaks to it, I started installing programs and tweaking macOS to my liking.

Almost everything works on the Hackintosh, but unfortunately the only thing that doesn't work is my Wi-Fi card. Which is a Qualcomm Athernos AR93xx. Even after getting help and hair pulling trying to get it to work, I never got it to work. So I had to resort to using ethernet.

Current macOS Mojave setup.
Current Issues

Not everything works right now, the current issues are:

  • Some USB Ports don't work
  • "EFI" entry shows on Boot Picker despite there's nothing but the OC folder
  • Incompatible Wi-Fi card
  • Sleeping is iffy
  • iMessage/FaceTime not working

Currently doing my best in fixing these issues, but they aren't really a big issue for me.

Final Thoughts

It has been over 20 days since I started this, Overall this Hackintosh endeavour went pretty smoothly for me. My previous Hackintosh projects were a pita because of sound/graphics issues. I will post a update when I make a update to my OpenCore EFI or do more tweaks to macOS.